Thursday, April 24, 2014


At the beginning of April, I heard about this product called PlowOn.  I saw it on a friend's Facebook.  I didn't really think too much of it.  Then I started to see it more, much like we do with things on Facebook.  On 4/19, PlowOn had on their Facebook page a little thing to the effect, "you share our status, we'll send you samples".  So what the heck, I did just that.

On 4/23, I had my samples in the mail - super quick!!  I was surprised I received them so quickly.  Good sign for their business in my books.  I posted on twitter that I got my samples already.  PlowOn replied on Facebook about noticing that I receiving my samples and they thanked me for wanting to try their product.

Below is what they said to me before I even got a chance to try the gum...
"PLOW ON Energy Gum the first ergogenic supplement that assists your endurance, performance, and mental acuity instantly. PLOW ON Energy Gum is NOT your run of the mill bubble-blowing, fruity, minty, chewing gum, and does NOT taste like your normal chewing gum. Gum base is just a delivery vehicle for all the natural herbs, amino acids, and natural caffeine. Why Gum? Our gum is uniquely designed to release all of its powerful ingredients instantly, by using the sublingual & buccal mucosa oral absorption it gives the energy you need immediately. When you're exhausted, why wait? Outside of snorting, smoking, and direction injection- PLOW ON Energy Gum is the fastest way into your bloodstream all without tons of sugar, and added calories. People run to get fit, healthy, and to lose or maintain weight. Why defeat your goal by consuming unwanted sugar and calories? PLOW also helps with recovery with some of antioxidants benefits due to the natural herb like Green Tea exacted that's infused in the gum. Our mission is to educate the consumer on the danger of excessive consumption of sugar, and to displace Soda/ energy drink/ Sports drink/ processed fruit juice in the market. PLOW the smart, healthy, instant energy boost alternative. We truly believe we can and will save lives. Eat clean, train hard! PLOW's mantra- Prevention is the best CURE against cancer! Two of the best prevention tools- Proper diet and exercise.  We recommend that when trying PLOW for the very first time is when you are truly tired, and please follow our recommended direction for PLOWing: *** Our recommended dosage- EACH piece of gum is administered for every 100 lb of body mass. *** Be prepared. Be hydrated. Not on empty stomach. *** You may want to time yourself to see how long it took for PLOW to energize you, well... In this case, how fast!!! Please feel free to let us know of your experience, good or bad. Thanks for PLOWing!" 

So I read the package details, in addition to what PlowOn rep told me on Facebook and it said:
"Chew 1 piece for 5 minutes.  If not alert within 15 minutes, chew a second piece.  Do not exceed 2 piece in 3 hours or more than 5 pieces in 24 hours."

So the rep said 1 piece per 100 pounds of body weight and the package said 1 piece, then if not alert, take a 2nd.  So I decided to try 1 piece first, then it'd be safe to take a 2nd.

At 10:38AM I took my first piece of PlowOn Energy Gum...

10:43AM - Took a second piece as recommended per weight and by the package.  It started to have a "tingly" taste to it.  I have heard that others said it tasted "earthy", but I didn't really have any issues with the taste.  I thought it was pretty good.  Not "minty", but that wasn't expected, and that's not the image that PlowOn puts out either.

10:49AM - I had a much more "alert" feeling.  I felt very "ready to work".  I went in to work and didn't really want to accomplish anything and just had that "blah" feeling.  But at this time I felt like I could conquer the work day.

1:10PM - I was still chewing and it was just starting to lose some of its flavor.

So my overall opinion of PlowOn...I REALLY like them.  I didn't get that jittery feeling that energy products usually give off.  I didn't have any crash afterwards.  The taste isn't bad.  The price isn't too bad ($2.99/6 pieces).  They are quick and easy to have and work quickly!  I can't wait to try them with my exercise since I know they work with my work regime (which I will continue to use them to help me focus).  I recommend everyone try them out! 

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