Monday, April 21, 2014


I have been accepted as an "I'm Fit Possible", "Ramblen", and "Girls Run Fast" Ambassadors in the past week.  How awesome is that?!  Pretty much can't believe it.

You should check out their websites!

I'M FIT POSSIBLE: Fitness/wellness enthusiasts that are involved in various social media outlets that are also creative and sassy (love it)!  Lot of chatting about the hot topics, reviews of products, promote campaigns, and help create new content.  Ambassadors share their own stories to inspire others.  I've already been able to tell they're a pretty cool group of people - very supportive!

RAMBLEN: Individuals help provide recommendations of healthy activities to do in different areas so when people are traveling they have something to do rather than the normal hotel gym which may be some people's only choice when away from home.  It helps people that are out of their normal area to be able to continue their routine of being healthy.  

GIRLS RUN FAST:  They have original designed charms made for runners along with many other athletes.  They are pretty much just adorable!!

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