Monday, February 10, 2014

Move. Nourish. Breathe. - Wk 1 Recap

Week one of +Lorna Jane  and +Fit Approach, LLC #mnbchallenge is officially over.  I was so excited to start this challenge!  The first week focused on "moving". 

Day 1 was "Sweat-it-out!" where I was able to show my favorite way to sweat.  Of course I picked the stationary bike.  I love to be on the bike.  I feel great with it and just rack up the mileage.  The bike I use at +Anytime Fitness is wonderful on my knees too, which is even better.

Day 2 was "Change it up!" where I looked for a new workout to do.  This was a little more difficult, but good for me because I was able to get out of my norm.  I realize I do start to get in a rut of doing my usual and in order for things to work best for me, I need to switch it up occassionally!

Day 3 was "Let's get planking!".  I don't think anyone who did this challenge had an easy time with this day of the challenge.  When I looked through the pictures on twitter and instagram, it looked like most had a difficult time of doing 5 minutes of planks.  I definitely had to break mine up and couldn't do five minutes at once.  But you know what, I was able to do it - and that's what matters.  It took a lot of out me, but what doesn't challenge me, doesn't change me!

Day 4 was "Buddy up!".  I don't usually pair up with others when I work out and was going to try so hard to do this, but I was at the gym after 11pm that night and there was hardly a soul in the gym at that time believe it or not.  But I busted my butt alone and did my workout regardless.  I think it says a lot for someone who doesn't have to have someone there to push them, but can still get their work done!

Day 5 was "Fave Friday!" where I was able to pick five fitness favorites to share with everyone.  I picked quotes that keep me going, my delicious shake that I make each morning, my awesome gym, my crafty medal rack where I keep my race medals, and my amazing IR4 Buddy.  These things keep me going each day.

I am looking forward to week 2!  This week is all about "nourish".  This is an important one for me...nourishing my body the best I can.  I tried to focus on this one a lot last week as well, so I hope I can do even better this week.

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