Monday, May 12, 2014

Ambassadorships - Oh my!

So much has happened in the past week!  I can't believe it.  Things have been going really well.  I don't even know where I should start.  Hmm...

Bondi Band - I have been offered to be an ambassador for Bondi Band!  I could not have been happier by this offer.  I wear Bondi Band headbands all the time!  My favorites are the single braided skinnybands and the heavy sweat wicking headbands.  I will have a badge and link up shortly on my blog that you can order from with a code to get a discount!  How awesome is that?!
So another cool thing about Bondi Band is that 10% of their pre-tax profits goes to a charity.  This year, that charity is Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  So buy all kinds of awesomeness people!
Bondi Band doesn't just have headbands like I mentioned, they also have armbands, arm sleeves, hair ties, Bondi for baby, Bondi for your pet, fleece and furry Bondi, hats, neck gators, sweat towels, wrist bands, and compression! 

Bio Skin - I have been offered to be an ambassador for Bio Skin as well.  They approached me via twitter and asked me to email them.  I did just that.  I was told they saw me on twitter and noticed I was already affiliated with a lot of good fitness-related companies and thought that I would make a good fit for their company as an ambassador.  We chatted a little bit and I agreed to join then, be an ambassador, and test out/review some of their products for them as well as possibly be a guest writer to share my story with Bio Skin Customers.  I will also have a badge, with a link to their site on this blog very soon!  Bio Skin is a company that "provides compression supports and athletic braces to a variety of sporting professionals including the everyday person trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle (runners, triathletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, etc.)." 

Strong Figure - I received an email from Strong Figure welcoming me to their team of ambassadors.  Basically, a Strong Figure ambassador's goals are to "spread the word on what it means to be strong - both physically and mental - and help others".  I liked that Strong Figure included the mental aspect of things, rather than solely being about physical aspects.  Many people overlook mental fitness which is so very important.  I think that is what pulled me in to wanting to be an ambassador with Strong Figure. 

You will definitely be hearing more about these three ambassadorships I have in upcoming blogs since I am just starting to learn more about them all myself.  I can't wait to share them with you.


  1. Wow! Look at you go! Congrats on all of the new posts! You should be super proud of yourself!

    1. Thanks Suz - I really appreciate it!