Thursday, February 6, 2014


Today I went to GNC and bought Amazing Grass® Green SuperFood® All Natural Drink Powder. 

Green SuperFood®

I can't wait to start trying it. Since lately I haven't been getting near enough veggies in my diet (or fruits for that), I decided to try a supplement. I hope this helps. I've seen some good reviews, so plan to give it a month and see how it works. I will let you all know how it goes as the month goes on. 
I also bought QuestBars - as I just tried my first one yesterday and fell in love!!!  There are a ton of receipes you can try them with as well.

So for those of you all into fitness/weight loss apps (for iOS, sorry), here are some that I found that I like:
1 - Active - Find out about events that you'd like to do.  *Definitely should check out the Active Advantage membership too - totally worth every penny!*
2 - Charity Miles - Donate the miles you're already doing to a great cause.
3 - Fitbit - Great with my Fitbit Flex I have.
4 - Fitocracy - Good motivation to keep moving!  Track workouts, earn points, hit achievements, beat quests.  :)
5 - RaceAddict - Keep track of all your races!  Record info about where your races will be.  When you've had your race you can keep track of your times.

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